If I'm not going to play any games, do I still have to pay $12?

Absolutely. There is no free entry, no exceptions. We provide an awesome environment, and that's worth paying for on its own. If you aren't into games, great music, and a fun environment, Hyperspace might not be your thing.

Is there an age limit?

Currently Hyperspace has no age limit. However, please understand that we are not a playground for young children, and we have strict rules of no running, screaming, hanging on controls or otherwise being rough on the games.

Do you do group discounts?

We do not normally do group discounts due to our already low price. However, if your group is large enough to justify making an exception, we may be able to accomodate you. Please contact us to inquire.

Can I rent out the arcade for a private event?

Yes! Due to a recent change in policy, we are now able to offer this. Pricing will depend on the size of your party, and what day of the week you are requesting. Please contact us to inquire.